About Us

Our History

Our credit union was federally chartered in 1956 to serve persons sharing a common bond. In our case, the common group being employees of the Southern Railway System in Alabama, now known as Norfolk Southern Railroad.

For many years, the credit union's office was located in the diesel shop at Norris Yard. In the early 1970's, a small office was constructed at our current location at 1808 2nd Avenue South in Irondale. While the facility has undergone two expansions, our credit union continues to operate with a small staff dedicated to helping members.

In 1985, the operating charter was amended when the City of Irondale employees and Morris Shea Bridge employees requested access to our credit union's services since both employers are located in Irondale.

In December 2017, our operating charter changed again. This time the change was from a federal charter to a state charter. Although this modification does not affect the federal deposit insurance or the manner in which the credit union continues to operate, it does allow the opportunity for membership growth without denying the existing employer groups access for newly added employees. Under the state charter, the Board of Directors may open membership to persons living or working in Jefferson, St. Clair, Shelby, Tuscaloosa, Blount or Walker counties.

While this latest change of expanded access will allow for new opportunities, our primary mission remains the same - to meet members' financial needs with personalized service, high deposit rates and competitive loan rates while maintaining a safe and strong credit union.

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